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"Тайное пламя" С. Калдекотт

В Издательстве Библейско-Богословского института им. апостола Андрея вышел певод книги С. Калдекотт "Тайное пламя".
Уважаемые форумчане, видел ли кто-либо из Вас этот перевод, если "да", то как его купить и насколько он хорош?
В первый раз услышала об этой книге в январе текщего года на Петербургском Толкиновсокм семинаре
Там же появилась возможность купить эту книгу в электронном варианте.
На мой взгляд, там многовато пересказов достаточно широко известных фактов о жизни Толки(е)на, его творчестве и пр.
Но в целом книга замечательная, там много тонких наблюдений и комментариев.
выкладываю некоторые интересные места, правда, на английском, но понять их смысл несложно.

Раннее сиротство Толкина, образ отца, которого он почти не знал, и родовая память нуменорцев во «Властелине Колец», «Утраченном пути» и «Записках клуба «Мнение»:
It took all the dedication and scholarship of his son Christopher to bring this work into sufficient order to be publishable as The Silmarillion, four years after the author’s death. But ironically one of the important elements that was lost in the transition was the explicit acknowledgment of the link between father and son in the discovery of the past. The only trace of Ælfwine that remains is Elendil, who now provides a suitably distinguished lineage for Aragorn. Yet Tolkien’s filial piety was intense. He once wrote: ‘The link between father and son is not only of the perishable flesh: it must have something of aeternitas about it’ (L 45). His own father, Arthur, was taken from him by death when he was only four years old, soon after he and his mother had crossed the Atlantic Ocean separating England from South Africa. It is not hard to connect Tolkien’s longing for the father in the far-away country he could barely remember with the sea-longing expressed in his stories, and to link this with the desire for an ancient world that has been taken away in a time before memory.
This is not an attempt to ‘explain’ the stories, although it may help to account for some of their poignancy. Nevertheless, it gives another level of meaning to a sentence I have quoted in passing: ‘There was a man called Arthur at the centre of the cycle.’ Tolkien’s relationship to his own father became for him a mystical link to the past, to his own past and the past of the race, to the collective unconscious, the roots of the tree of tales. This link between generations, through which life and hope is transmitted from father to son, is also the way back through memory and language from the present world to a world that can be accurately described only in myth.

Возможно, Арагорн не просто напоминает Артура - он с ним в родстве. Не зря Леголас говорит : «Род Лутиэн никогда не угаснет»:

Did Tolkien mean to suggest that Aragorn is the distant ancestor of Arthur? In chapter IX of Book V of The Lord of the Rings, Legolas mentions a prophecy that Lúthien’s line will never fail. It seems possible. If these stories were originally intended as a mythology for England, it might have made sense to create an Elvish ancestry for the greatest king of Christian legend.

Черты характера, которые проявились в хоббитах во время Похода и Войны Кольца, и их роль в очищении Хоббитании. В случае с Мерри это способность преодолевать отчаяние, в случае с Пином (Пиппином) - способность нарушать правила, в конечном счете это оказывается во благо:

The success of the hobbits in dealing with this final peril would not have been possible – would certainly not have been believable – if they had not experienced the epic adventure as a whole, and if we had not seen them transformed into heroes of song and legend; so that when they are plunged back into the banality of the Shire they are able to defeat the evil that they find with the grace – the gifts – that they have received in their travels. Those hobbits who have not been so initiated into heroism are helpless to oppose a force that enslaves by fear and the exploitation of self-interest. But the travellers have passed through darkness, in the Barrows, in Moria, in battle and in Mordor itself. The half-darkness of everyday evil holds no terrors for them. They have been broken and re-forged through service to others: to Frodo, to Théoden, to Denethor, to the peoples of Middle-earth.
Merry and Pippin, indeed, have been prepared in a special way for the task that now lies before them. Merry has been taken into Théoden’s service, ridden with the Mark to aid Gondor, and aided Eowyn in the destruction of the Ringwraith whose breath causes despair. Merry’s special gift, then, is the overcoming of despair and the raising of hope – signified by the ancient Horn of the Mark which is given to him by Éomer at their parting. Pippin has served Denethor the Steward of Gondor, Théoden’s darkened image, learning to obey but also to transcend obedience when a higher good requires rules to be broken: in this case he is able to save Faramir whom Denethor has ordered to be burned while still alive.
When they return to the Shire it is Pippin who will tear up the ‘Rules’ imposed by Saruman’s men, and which the hobbits have passively accepted; while it is Merry who raises their hearts with the Horn of Rohan. Both of them have been prepared, also, by the direct assault on Saruman’s Orthanc with the Ents: a rising of nature herself against the ‘mind of metal and wheels’, as Treebeard calls him.

Вся Арда – кольцо Моргота, и мощь Моргота опосредованным образом помогла Саурону создать Кольцо. Одно из возможных объяснений усталости эльфов от мира связано с тем, что Арда подверглась порче Моргота:

This explains the basis for the evil magic practised by Sauron, for he is able to work with the ‘Morgoth-ingredient’ in things, such as fire and gold in the case of the Rings of Power. It also helps to explain the general ‘taintedness’ of Middle-earth (outside Lothlórien, which is specially protected). It explains the fact that nature is subject to disease and corruption, perhaps even to entropy, and it explains the world-weariness of the Elves, which is due not to their longevity so much as to the ‘tendency towards Melkor’ inherent in earthly matter, including the matter of their bodies while in Middle-earth.

Отсутствие видимых проявление монотеистической религии в Средиземье (среди людей), связанное, в частности, с тем, что это до-Ветхозаветный мир:

To this, too, Tolkien had an answer. The Men of the West described in his stories, he says, descended from those who tried to repent of the original Fall, and who deliberately fled the influence of the Prime Dark Lord, escaping from paganism (in the sense of polytheism) and satanism (the worship of Morgoth) into pure monotheism. For them only Eru was to be given worship, as he was in the far West by the Valar and the Eldar; but no religion could be built around the Valar, and for Men at this time Eru was too remote to be the focus of some ritual form of worship: he had not yet revealed (as he would reveal later to the Jews) how they could build a covenantal relationship with him (L 156). (More detail is supplied in a footnote to Letter 153.)

(Продолжение следует).
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Небольшое уточнение - книга ещё не вышла. Ожидается более точная информация в сентябре.

И ещё одно уточнение - на Семинаре не продавался электронный вариант этой книги. Продавался (и презентовался) диск с ТТА.
С уважением
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John, Вы абсолютно правы! Конечно, на диске ТТТ этой книги не было. Она появилась позднее на портале граждан Тувалу, поэтому и ошибка.
Значит, книга еще не вышла в русском переводе? Что ж, появится, тогда мы о нем и поговорим.
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Эту книгу перевела Светлана Лихачева, так что насчет качества перевода можно не беспокоиться.

-Смог бы Питер Джексон снять "Сильмариллион"?
-Что он смог бы - мало кто сомневается! Тут главное - смочь посмотреть. © Emi

Мы настолько старые девы, что помним Змеев Севера еще милыми змеенышами © Девица Тук
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